Who We Are

Canadian Solar Technologies Inc. (CST) is a high-tech provider of evacuated tube solar collectors manufactured by Beijing Sunda Solar Energy Technology Co. Ltd (Sunda), a highly acclaimed solar manufacturer.

These evacuated tube solar tubes are unique to Canada’s solar energy market. They utilize solar heat transfer technology designed by Daimler-Benz Aerospace Group, providing dependable and affordable means of solar collection.

At CST, we are actively engaged in promoting alternative energy resources and marketing heat pipe evacuated solar collectors and other types of solar heating technologies in Canada, including solar controllers and solar pump stations by Solarnetix Inc.

With extensive technical support from our manufacturers, we provide leading high-end technology products for thermal solar energy utilization – evacuated tube collectors, solar controllers and solar pump stations.

Sunda’s modern manufacturing plant boasts production capacities of over 500,000 tubes per year. As the world’s largest heat pipe vacuum tube manufacturer, and the Company’s high quality guarantee and economies of scale, Sunda is able to supply the most competitive solar collector throughout the world.

It is CST’s intent to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction with our products, technology and service. Whether residential, commercial or industrial applications, CST, with support from our manufacturers, offers qualified technical support in planning solar thermal systems.

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